Live Projects

Every live project, has different requirements.

Different sound system designs, refined system optimization, audio performance measurements, and accurate simulation needs. Talk to Amptec about the best solution for your project.

Amptec offers :

  • the competence and experience to deliver exceptional sound for every listener
  • consistently organized support and training for remarkable long-term working relationships
  • equipment from leading brands for excellent professional audio
  • a dedicated team that manages hardware installations, complex network configurations and system customizations
  • in-house resources to handle all sound reinforcement challenges, whether they are acoustic, mechanical, electrical, or fibre optic

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Theatre Installations

From a small community theatre to a national opera house, Amptec is the preferred long-lasting partner for permanent installed sound systems. Driven by a passion for music and high-quality equipment, Amptec offers in-house brands that specialise in cabling infrastructure, room acoustics, IP networks, and fibre optics, plus Amptec employs dedicated co-workers for design, support, service, and training.

Theater Installations

PA & Rental

Amptec is the first choice for live sound production companies that want to deliver outstanding sound wherever they set up. From state-of-the-art speakers to premium audio mixing consoles, from impressive microphones to connected services, from standard manufacturing done in-house to custom-designed tour-grade optical fibre infrastructure, Amptec delivers.

PA Rental

Immersive Sound

Soundscape systems are an immersive, multi-channel approach to live performances that is growing in popularity. Amptec provides knowledge and experience, combined with a unique demo facility and a range of outstanding brands, to help deliver memorable events that engage every member of the audience.

Immersive Sound

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