This calendar offers an overview of all our events. The individual entries link to the appropriate seminar/workshop/event page.
09-0311-03Fiber seminars, from beginner to expert
13-0115-01Visit Amptec at CUE
11-12DPA vocal mic techniques workshop
04-12Acoustics workshop by Artnovion
21-11Reminder: AVID S4 launch and Dolby Atmos workflow
19-11Reminder: AVID S4 launch and Dolby Atmos workflow
06-11Reminder: Fiber advanced seminar
23-10d&b Soundscape, a multi-dimensional sound universe
15-1016-10DiGiCo SD training at De Warande Turnhout
09-10Fiber basics seminar
13-0917-09Visit Amptec at IBC 2019
28-08Invitation: DPA vocal mic workshop
03-06Prep your DiGiCo summer BBQ
23-05Get a room - and make it sound right
16-05REMINDER: Nuendo 10 and Nuage workshop
17-0418-04d&b system workshop at CC Auderghem
16-04d&basics workshop at Amptec
27-03AVID live training at De Roma
12-0213-02DiGiCo SD training at CC Muze
31-0101-02Workshop Orchestral Recording Techniques
20-12Fiber basics seminar: extra session
17-12Fiber basics seminar
03-12Last call: DiGiCo Quantum 7 hands on
19-1120-11Join the official launch of DPA Subminiatures
12-1113-11Formation DiGiCo SD, Maison de la Culture Tournai
08-11AVID masterclass music mixing by Jo Francken
30-10Seminar: Advanced digital wireless systems
10-1011-10RTS AZedit and IPedit training days
14-0918-09Visit Amptec at IBC 2018
11-06Prep your DiGiCo summer
31-05d&b audiotechnik GSL-series Benelux presentation
24-05The Flight of the Mothership World Tour 2018
24-05Live Event DI-RECT: Rolling with the Punches
09-05Workshop: See and feel the new Avid S6L line
08-05Workshop nieuwe AVID S6L-lijn en DPA CORE mics
23-0424-04Digico SD training days at Belgica BIS
17-04Séminaire Electroacoustique chez Amptec
16-04Fiber basics seminar
28-02d&b ArrayProcessing seminar
27-02Seminar: When the word counts
24-01Microphone Essentials seminar
09-01Workshop network switches in an audio network
08-01Workshop network switches in an audio network
12-12d&b workflow workshop at Amptec
11-12Electroacoustics seminar at Amptec
06-12Nuage and Adam sessions at ICP
01-12iZotope RX6 - Exclusive Masterclass
09-1010-10Simple Minds Acoustic tour mix breakdown workshop
02-1003-10Digico SD training days at De Singel
25-09Moog Synth Workshop
25-09Moog Synth Workshop
15-0919-09Visit Amptec at IBC 2017
19-06Prep your DiGiCo summer
07-0608-06Amptec Education : d&b system fundamentals
17-05Education : Fiber basics seminar
10-0511-05Amptec Education : AoIP seminar
20-04Education : Music mixing by Charles De Schutter
10-0412-04Amptec Education : Microphone Essentials
28-03Technical Visit with Bazart, DiGiCo and DPA
27-03Education : Mixing Secrets Masterclass
16-03Pro Tools in the Middle and the 3D audio phenomena
15-0316-03DiGiCo training days in Ostend
01-03Invitation : StudioCast video solutions for radios
16-02Introductie tot digitale draadloze systemen
09-0209-02Workshop: Collaborative Audio Post for Film
07-0210-02Visit Amptec at ISE
01-02Breaking the habits with DPA Microphones
17-01Electroacoustics seminar at Amptec
13-12Technical visit with Hooverphonic
08-1208-12Sony DWX bootcamp
07-12Introductie tot digitale draadloze systemen
25-1102-12Acoustics Essentials Seminar
09-1128-11Familiarisation avec les consoles S21 et S31
07-1108-11DiGiCo training days at Amptec
27-10Amptec Education: Microphone Essentials
20-1020-10Amptec Education : DWX Bootcamp
19-1023-11Get familiar with DiGiCo S21 and S31
17-1018-10Amptec Education : Dante seminar
22-09Uitnodiging : In depth DPA-workshop in Roeselare
22-0923-09RME : theory and praxis workshop
20-09Invitation: Fiber basics seminar
09-0913-09Visit Amptec at IBC 2016
21-06Avid training on S6 and Dock combined with S3
13-0614-06Get ready for SD-summer
09-06Invitation: Pyramix software training at Amptec
25-05Masterclass Pro Tools Music Mixing
28-04Pro Tools workshop for Audio Post Production
21-04Amptec invites: AVID Pro Tools workshop
21-0322-03Digico training days at Amptec
29-02Backstage bij Symphonica in Rosso
09-0212-02Visit Amptec at ISE
13-01Electro Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement Seminar
09-11Meet and Greet DiGiCo S21
31-10Invitation: Power to Control - from iPad to S6
14-10Invitation: Acoustics Essentials Seminar
07-1008-10S6 days with new 2.0 software by AVID specialists
12-09DAD AX32 and ProTools-S6 workshop at IBC
18-06RME seminar for professional applications
16-0617-06Amptec coming to a theatre near you soon
16-0617-06Amptec workshops in a theatre near you soon.
16-0617-06DiGiCo S21 arrives in Belgium
07-05Sony DWX Digital Wireless Workshop
29-04Amptec Education: Microphone essentials
25-0428-04Analog Synthesis Masterclasses April 2015
13-04Royer en Mojave demodag
24-03Amptec education: spring seminars.
10-0212-02Visit Amptec at ISE.
30-01Invitation to the Amptec New Year drink
27-01Presenting the Y series
14-0115-01Live mixing training for beginning engineers
09-12Monitor mixing workshop
05-12DPA backstage event with Girls in Hawaii
05-11Invitation seminar MADI System Solutions by RME
23-10Uitnodiging Alain Clark backstage event.
22-10In depth mixing with Pro Tools featuring S6.
07-10Invitation for DiGiCo, Waves and Optocore day
12-0916-09IBC Invitation
28-05Kyteman backstage event
27-10Brunch with Claude Cellier from Merging.
19-10Workshop: live microphones and digital wireless
03-10Amptec organizes an exclusive Nuage seminar.
26-09Amptec organizes an audio networking seminar
24-06DPA live microphone workshop
24-06DPA live microphone workshop
04-12Introducing V-Series.
04-0905-0910EaZy road show
04-0905-09Do not forget to come to the 10EaZy road show
27-0628-06Bezoek Amptec op de AVManifestatie
11-06Hands-on CL-introduction at Amptec
24-0525-05Amptec at Belgian Broadcast Days
24-0425-04Amptec Open Days 2012
24-0425-04Amptec Days
20-02Invitation microphone seminar
06-02Microfoonseminar te Spijkenisse - uitnodiging
06-02Uitnodiging Microfoonseminar
16-0118-01Bezoek Amptec gratis op CUE en ISE
16-0118-01Visit CUE and ISE 2012 for free
22-1124-11VENUE advanced user experience
09-11ProTools 10 and ProTools HDX at Amptec.
09-11Next week at Amptec - ProTools 10 and HDX seminar.
25-10Seminar Loudness in Broadcasting
08-06Euphonix seminar at Amptec
07-06Euphonix seminar in Amsterdam by Amptec
01-06dB limits at Lounge11
23-0524-05Black reality seminar
12-0513-05Amptec at Belgian Broadcast Days
23-0424-04Black reality seminar
08-11Scoop Seminar at Amptec - ProTools HD goes Native
25-05Sound level control seminar at Ancienne Belgique
05-0506-05Amptec at Belgian Broadcast Days
05-0506-05Loudness workshop at Belgian Broadcast Days
21-0422-04Amptec Anniversary Invitation
18-0120-01Amptec op Vakbeurs voor Theatertechniek
15-12Live mixing Masterclass
18-06DDP storage solutions workshop
18-06Invitation: workshop audio video server system
11-0601-01Acoustics seminar
10-06Acoustics seminar
10-0611-06How to control the acoustics of rooms
02-0603-06Visit Amptec at Lounge 09
26-0127-01Invitation pour le premier atelier d&b en français
15-12DPA Microphone Seminar
05-11FibreCo Expanded Beam seminar
27-10Uitnodiging DPA Seminarie
12-0916-09LAWO Invitation
16-05Surround Sound Seminar
15-05HD Day - 3
07-0109-01Bezoek ons op de Vakbeurs voor Theatertechniek
14-1117-11ACF Invitation
23-1025-10d&b seminar rescheduled
17-10Networked Audio Systems for the Touring Industry
23-05Amptec Post Production Day

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