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Best Wishes for 2021

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year...

Introducing Carbon

Pro Tools | Carbon is a new breed of audio interface designed for artists, bands and producers.


Acoustics, meet Aesthetics.

Make your room sound good and look better with Amptec acstx. Whether it's off the shelf or tailormade, Amptec offers solutions that are adapted to your needs and budget.

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Amptec acstx

Networking. In all dimensions.

Our certified co-workers can set up complex IT networks, with remote monitoring and comprehensive Support Agreements.

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Amptec ntwrx

Cabling. Accessories & Co.

Amptec connx, our in-house cabling department, sets the benchmark for professional cabling tailored to customer requirements. Amptec connx specializes in custom front panels, housings, connections and cables.

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Amptec connx

Fiber. The optical revolution.

Amptec fbroptx is a remarkable welder, polisher, and provider. Simply shine a light through our fibre optics to see why we are leading the edge.

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Amptec fbroptx