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d&b is omnipresent in clubs and CCs in Flanders


An exceptionally solid collaboration leads to an extraordinary number of new installations. d&b audiotechnik, PVL Sound & Light and Amptec find each other in Flanders in live music clubs and cultural centres. The expert support of the three partners involved is the result of more than two decades of working together. Over the last years, PVL delivered no less than ten top sound systems at various locations. Thanks to unwavering passion, d&b audiotechnik is one of the most used audio systems in the club circuit in Flanders.
Starting in Diksmuide, at 4AD. A new d&b V-series solution replaces the old system in the 250-seat hall, with excellent results. The new Cactus Club is the place to be in Bruges. With a large hall for 650 people and a café for smaller events, Cactus searched and found a permanent installation that fits the excellent acoustics of the new building. Cactus Club opted for d&b xS-Series together with an extension of the existing d&b system with xS loudspeakers. The other club with a d&b sound system is De Casino in Sint-Niklaas.
Cultural centres
Last year’s installations in cultural centers are again proof of a remarkable cooperation. In Nieuwpoort-Bad, the grandstand and the flat floor of Ysara's main hall offer various configurations thanks to a versatile d&b xS-Series based on 24S with 21S-SUBs. On the way to Oostkamp, CC de Valkaart recently refurbished the main theater. To meet the specifications, loudspeakers have been added to the existing d&b T-Series such as d&b 44S loudspeakers and cardio 27S-SUBs. Wervik now benefits from its second community centre, GC Gilwe. With the excellent experience of the d&b system in GC Forum, the choice for the new theatre was quickly made. GC Gilwe installed a d&b xS-Series with 24S and cardio 27S SUBs. The new system elicits positive reactions from all those involved. Similar sounds can be heard in the Museum Theater and Stadsschouwburg in Sint-Niklaas, Belgica Bis in Dendermonde and a mobile system for KAAP in Bruges/Ostend.
“Know that d&b will have a solution, whatever the requirements are,” says Frank Geerts of Amptec. “Music clubs, theatres, multipurpose rooms, mobile systems, d&b audiotechnik delivers excellent results. Just like the relationship between PVL and Amptec below, the outcome of a great team.”

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GC Gilwe
Centrum Ysara
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