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Cactus Club

31-03-2023 / Live /

Triumphant in its new home, the Cactus Club is already the place to be in Bruges. Inaugurated in October 2022, the new permanent venue of the non-profit organisation, the Cactus Music Center, is the ultimate music haven. Destined to host around 80 concerts per year, the musical focus is diverse to say the least, from roots, rock and indie to dub, jazz and hip-hop. Cactus also prides itself on being an organisation that embraces broader social evolutions and themes, encompassing globalization, migration, technological innovation, changing social relations, ecology, and sustainability.

The new venue is a cosy, atmospheric club that boasts a 650-capacity main hall plus a café equipped with a stage that offers younger artists an opportunity to shine, along with a rehearsal space. Amptec partner, PVL, has been supplying the Cactus Music Center with d&b systems for years, so when the organisation decided it would like to invest in a permanently installed system to match the excellent acoustics of the new Cactus Club, d&b was an obvious choice. Working together, PVL and Amptec opted for a flexible xS-Series point source solution for the main hall plus an extension to Cactus's existing C7 system with some smaller xS cabinets.

Cactus Music Center's program director, Patrick Keersebilck, is delighted with the new system. “Through PVL we've been working with d&b systems for most of our events - indoor and outdoor - for many years and with great satisfaction,” he says. “Thanks to excellent collaboration with PVL and Amptec, we now have a tailor-made sound system that caters to our specific requirements. Combined with the building's outstanding acoustics, we have one of the best-sounding venues in Flanders.”

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