Amptec ntwrx


Amptec ntwrx shields your business from the severe consequences of a data breach or cryptolocker attack, safeguarding your customers' information and preserving your reputation. Our comprehensive media content security services and strategies are tailored to various industries, providing robust protection against malware, hacks, viruses, and data theft.

Protecting Company Data
Ensure an impermeable security infrastructure with our expertise spanning diverse sectors. We are your trusted partner in fortifying your business against potential threats, meeting privacy requirements, and preventing data compromise.

Certification Expertise
Whether pursuing TPN assessments, collaborating with industry leaders like Netflix, or seeking certification from external bodies, we navigate the specialized procedures with precision. Your security is our priority, certified or not.

TPN and ISO27001 Certification Process
Our assessment team is well-versed in the intricacies of TPN and ISO27001 frameworks. From establishing and maintaining your iSMS to advising on network configuration, firewalls, and active directory, we reduce risks and enhance your security posture. We provide guidance on GDPR compliance and navigate other relevant legislation complexities.

Vulnerability Scanning & Pentesting
Our security experts leave no stone unturned. Tailoring testing policies to your needs, we identify vulnerabilities in systems, cloud solutions, software packages, and websites. Beyond providing reports, we collaborate with you to devise remedies and concrete solutions for enhanced security.

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