Corporate Projects

Looking for the right way to go from sound to silence and back again in public spaces ?

Meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, sports venues and exhibition spaces all have different requirements. Talk to Amptec to discover the best solution for your public space, from discrete and state-of-the-art sound reinforcement systems to acoustic treatments, as well as everything in between.
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Amptec is a total solution provider for sound installations for auditorium. Experienced and talented Amptec co-workers understand the challenges of aesthetics meeting sound quality and know the best way to ensure consistent high-quality sound for every member of the audience, wherever they are located in the space.

Conference centres

When it comes to conference centres and sports venues, it is vital that the audience clearly hears every word spoken. Amptec co-workers are experts in sound reinforcement, acoustics, and electroacoustics for turnkey and system installations in conference halls and centres of all sizes. Contact Amptec for more information.


Modern museums are rich in interactions, combining sound, image, creativity, and knowledge into an immersive experience. Amptec offers the skills needed to seamlessly integrate the audio component into even the most challenging of environments to add an extra layer to the museum visit.

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