Amptec acstx

Recording, post-production and broadcast studios

Sound engineers' decision-making processes are highly influenced by the acoustics of their work environment. Any errors they make risk compromising the audience's listening experience down the line. Whether working for stereo or multichannel formats, the ability to accurately judge tonal balances and source placement is paramount in creating compelling results.

In shaping a perfect sweet spot, Amptec's team starts with a careful assessment of your room's geometry. The battle against room modes and bad imaging is half won by finding the optimum location for speakers and operator. Once they have this sorted, Amptec applies select acoustic treatments to further curtail the room's reverb decay time across the frequency spectrum and combat issues like flutter echoes and reflection-induced comb filtering. These treatments include broadband absorption, mid absorption, diffusion, and bass traps.

Amptec can cater to your project every step of the way, from drawing up plans and supplying acoustics materials to realizing a full build out including equipment, and everything in between.

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