Amptec upgrades Schouwburg Hengelo with d&b system

Hengelo Schouwburg

14-11-2023 / Live /

Schouwburg Hengelo now benefits from a d&b loudspeaker system designed and installed by Amptec. Located in the heart of the busy Dutch city of Hengelo close the eastern border of the Netherlands, Schouwburg Hengelo is a performing arts complex boasting two theatres and a cinema room along with various foyers and a comfortable bar. The venue called on Amptec to renew the audio system in their 'Middenzaal' - the smaller of the two theatres, but nevertheless with a capacity of 300 - as the existing system no longer lived up to the standards of modern audiences.

“Our previous setup was a mix of recycled loudspeakers from the main hall with elements that were already present in the Middenzaal,” explains Schouwburg Hengelo technical manager, JP Rooze. “In essence we had a mobile sub/top groundstack with a flown L/C/R system. The drivers had been replaced multiple times, and acoustically none of the loudspeakers matched - it was definitely time to renew.”

A demo with d&b quickly convinced Rooze that this was the right choice for the Middenzaal, and more specifically a point source system with a cardioid sub to ensure controlled dispersion and maximum clarity. Amptec recommended a system based on d&b's Y-Series point source loudspeakers, selecting Yi7P for the L/R system complemented by 8S infills for the audience in the first rows, a Yi10P centre loudspeaker and flown Yi-SUB cardioid subwoofers.

“We now have a modern, rider-friendly loudspeaker system with clear, detailed projection and plenty of headroom. Compared to our old system it's like night and day! Visiting technicians appreciate it immensely.”

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