Amptec implements d&b in award-winning leisure and cultural centre

De Meermin

20-09-2021 / Live /

VC De Meermin in Waasmunster, in the East Flanders region of Belgium, is a brand new leisure complex where sport, culture and relaxation come together under the same roof. Designed by Polo Architects who have offices in Brussels and Antwerp, the building combines sustainability with both beauty and robust functionality, which earned the project a coveted gold PUBLICA award for Urban Development, Infrastructure & Mobility. Built around a beautiful central courtyard, De Meermin houses a vast sports hall, a library, a bistro/bar, meeting rooms and a beautiful multipurpose theatre space - the latter of which has been equipped with a d&b point source sound system by Amptec.

Amptec was asked to design and supply a system for the 273-seater theatre space destined for both live performance as well as cinema projections. In addition to impeccable sound quality and high speech intelligibility, the priority was for quick and easy transitions between the LCR cinema setup and the LR PA setup. Furthermore, the floor needed to remain as uncluttered as possible in line with the multifunctional purpose of the room.

“We decided on a d&b system as the controlled dispersion characteristics and frequency response of d&b systems is excellent,” notes Amptec's Dieter Claeys. “We designed the system in ArrayCalc and used EASE acoustic modelling software to fine tune it for optimum coverage and intelligibility. We opted for a L/R system comprising a single 10S flown above a 10S-D wide dispersion model per side, suspended from the proscenium and a centre cluster of two 18S-SUB subwoofers and another 10S and 10S-D flown horizontally. This enabled us to deliver controlled frequency response across the whole grandstand. The flown centre subwoofers ensure that the floor remains free and that we can guarantee the best possible coverage in the low frequency spectrum. We added four 5S lipfills on the front of the stage to cover the first few rows, and finally, a GPIO controller for an easy and uncomplicated changeover between the LCR cinema setup and the LR concert/live performance setup.”

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De Meermin
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