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DPA d:vote 4099 promotion


DPA d:vote 4099 promotion

From November 21st until January 13th, we will have a promotion on the live-sound standard instrument clip-on microphone, DPA’s d:vote 4099.
These is what you’ll get :

Buy any single d:vote microphone (violin, sax, etc.) and receive 1 additional instrument clip mount of your choice for free, there are 11 different clips to choose from

Buy a stereo kit (piano, accordion) and receive 2 additional clips

Buy a 4-piece touring kit (classic or rock), and receive 6 additional clips

Buy a 10-piece touring kit (classic or rock), and receive either :
- 1x 2011C microphone (value 670€), or...
- 1x d:facto vocal microphone (value 840€), or...
- 1x d:vote 4099 piano stereo kit (2 microphones, value 900€)

And your regular DPA discount still applies !

Technical visit with Hooverphonic

Tuesday December 13, we offer our customers a unique opportunity to listen to DPA microphones in real-life.

Hooverphonic is currently using an impressive number of DPA’s on tour, including d:facto’s for lead and backing vocals, 2011A/C for kick drums, snare drum, overheads and d:vote 4099’s on toms and the 10-piece string section.
Every microphone used on stage is a DPA, so this is a unique opportunity to listen to crosstalk spill, the off-axis response and of course fantastic music.

And the venue of choice this day is the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, so a very good listening environment. We start at 16.30 (coffee from 16.00).

The number of participants for this technical visit is strictly limited and by appointment only, so send an email to sales@amptec.be ASAP if you would like to attend this session.

The different d:vote 4099 clip mounts

We can handle most instruments with our range of 11 clips, which by the way also work fine with the GSM4000 shockmount gooseneck for the d:dicate range.
Most clips allow mounting the microphone on the instrument with just 1 hand, and they are all non-damaging to the instrument.

Here’s an overview :
DPA 4099 Adapters

For more information on how to use these clips, have a look at this article in the DPA Mic University :


Contact brecht.ieven@amptec.be, dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl, for more info and pricing.

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