Vicoustic presents the unique VicBooth Premium


VicBooth Premium is a nice and affordable voice booth.

The modular units have natural wood on the outside with fire-retardant fabrics on the inside and can be assembled in minutes.
It has no door, so air-conditioning nor ventilation is needed.

The applications are numerous, from voice-over booth to phone booth.

Dimensions :
L x W x H = 197cm x 197cm x 208cm

You can also expand the Vicbooth Premium with one or more expansion packs.
Each extension adds 2 m2 to the basic VicBooth Premium.

VicBooth Premium has recently been tested and approved by a large Flemish broadcast company : they needed to record news feeds every hour inside a noisy office space with ringing phones and talking colleagues.
With VicBooth, they found the perfect solution !

Available from €3.500 ex VAT.
Expansion pack : €558 ex VAT.
VicBooth can now be tested at Amptec.

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