DPA Microphones


2016, the summer of DPA


Photographs by Filip Tanghe, Anton Coene, Francois Piron and others...

DPA was omnipresent this summer festival season.
We are really proud all these artists chose DPA to get their emotions and musical message across, and perform maybe a little better.

We apologize in advance for all those we missed, this is only a brief selection of the DPA microphones we spotted :

Hooverphonic : 4x d:facto linear, 14x 4099, 1x 2006A, 2x 2011C, 1x 2011A
Oscar and The Wolf : 1x d:facto, 2x 4011A, 2x 2011A, 1x 2011ES/GSM4000, 2x 4099
Bazart : 1x d:facto, 1x 4011A, 2x 2011A, 1x 2011C, 2x 4099
Selah Sue : 4x 4099, 1x 2011C, 1x 2011ES/GSM4000, 2x 4015
Balthazar : 4x d:facto, 2x 4011A, 3x 4099, 1x 2011C
SX : 2x d:facto, 2x 2011
Warhola : 1x d:facto, 1x 4018A, 2x 4099, 2x 4011A, 3x 2011A, 1x 2011C
Adamo : 3x d:facto, 6x 4099, 2x 2011
Warhaus : 2x d:facto, 2x 4011A, 4x 4099
Goose : 2x d:facto, 2x 2011A, 1x 4011A, 2x 4099, 1x 4018A
Soldier’s heart : 1x d:facto
Noémie Wolfs : 1x d:facto, 1x 2011A, 1x 2011C, 1x 4011A, 2x 4099
Gabriel Rios : 3x d:facto, 2x 4011A, 1x 4060, 4x 4099
Tourist LeMC : 1x d:facto, 2x 4099
Ghinzu : 3x d:facto, 2x 2011
Zimmerman : 2x d:facto, 4x 4099, 2x 4011A, 1x 2011C
Alice on the roof : 2x d:facto, 2x 2011
Sherman : 2x 2011
Absynthe minded : 2x 2011
J. Bernardt : 1x d:facto, 1x 2011C, 3x 4099, 2x 4011A

2011ES-GSM4000 promotion

A couple of weeks ago DPA launched a very clever accessory: the GSM4000 gooseneck with integrated shockmount which allows the use of all 40xx and 20xx capsules to be used with the existing 4099 instrument clips.
Currently on tour with Oscar and The Wolf and Selah Sue: the 2011ES capsule with a GSM 4000 shockmount gooseneck and DC4099 drum clip. This combination allows easy and discrete placement, while offering additional isolation from low-end rumble.

Until October 14, we are running an interesting promotion :
Buy a 2011ES microphone (the smallest format 2011, with the preamp hidden in the XLR cable part), and receive for free :
- 1x GSM4000 shockmounted gooseneck
- 1x DC4099 drum clip
- 1x SM4099 stand mount clip
(total value : 151€)

Your regular discount still applies, so this is a huge saving.
Matched 2011ES stereo kits are available too, and come in a sturdy Peli case.
The 2011 capsule offers unprecedented clarity, transient response and punch on snare drum, but can easily handle punishment from kick drums, guitars or bass amps, while equally excel in overheads, acoustic instruments, and many more.
Thanks to its linear response in all directions and excellent SPL handling, it offers studio sound quality in even the most hostile live-sound situations.
The GSM4000 allows compatibility with all the existing 4099 clips, and the MMP-ES preamp will keep the whole microphone extremely small and easy to position.


How to handle wooden hoops on drums

The d:vote 4099 is a godsend for drummers, from the legendary Steve Gadd to heavy hitters like Royal Blood’s Ben Thatcher and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich.
After all, it’s one of the few microphones designed for live sound, which sounds ‘real’, and retains all the playing dynamics, transients and nuances, even in large kits with lots of microphones together in a fairly close space.
But the standard drum clip doesn’t always fit wooden hoops, tom suspension mounts or the kick drum shell.
In situations like this, the VC4099 clip for violin is a good alternative.



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