Vicoustic presents the unique VicBooth Premium


VicBooth Premium is an affordable, portable insulation booth, using natural wood on the outside, and acoustic foam with fire-retardant fabrics on the inside.

VicBooth Premium can be assembled in less than an hour and is the perfect solution for spaces where a more accurate insulation is needed (see table). Moreover, the VicBooth has great dry acoustic properties inside the booth. As it has no door, air-conditioning is not needed.

The applications are numerous, from voice-over booth to phone booth.

Standard dimension : L x W x H = 197cm x 197cm x 208cm
You can even expand the Vicbooth Premium with the Vicbooth Premium expansion pack. That way, the booth will become 60 cm wider per expansion pack.

We already gave the VicBooth Premium a test ride.
A large Belgian broadcast company needed to record news feeds for 5 minutes every hour and they needed to record it in a noisy office space right next to all the ringing phones and talking colleagues. And with VicBooth, they finally found the satisfying solution they were searching for.

Available from €3.500 ex VAT.
The VicBooth can now be tested at Amptec.

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