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Any instrument, any DPA, by any means


Any instrument
DPA’s d:vote 4099 range already has 11 different interchangeable clips for virtually every instrument, from strings, brass, drums to piano and accordion.

The new GSM4000 gooseneck allows the use of all these existing clips with DPA’s range of d:dicate microphones, from the classic 4006, 4015 and 4011 to the highly acclaimed 2011 and 4018.
The GSM4000 gooseneck has an integrated shockmount, and allows you to use virtually every DPA microphone with a clip on any instrument.

Maybe you love the sound of the 4006A omni, but don’t know how to use it in a piano with the lid closed?
The GSM4000 gooseneck in combination with the magnetic PC4099 clip allows easy placement, no more mic stands needed.

Do you need to have a no-stands solution for a drum kit on a rolling riser?
Just use the d:vote 4099 clips, and mix and match DPA capsules to taste. Lately, the 2011C has been favored a lot for snare drum, and the 2011A has been an eye-opener on kick drum, but everything is possible now.

By any means
DPA launches another exciting new product, the MMP-G preamplifier.
The MMP-G preamplifier connects to all DPA d:dicate and d:facto capsules, and has a fixed cable which ends in a microdot connector.
Together with DPA’s range of 33 different microdot adapters, the MMP-G provides compatibility and current/impedance conversion for almost every wireless system in the market.

Together the GSM4000 gooseneck and the MMP-G preamplifier bridge the gaps between the existing d:facto, d:vote, d:dicate, d:fine and d:screet products, providing limitless solutions for miking instruments live and in the studio.



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