IBC Highlights


With this mailing we like to inform you about interesting new products that our manufacturers will show at the IBC in A'Dam from september 12 to 16th.

6A18 - AATON CANTAR X2 now with new software and the TARCAN Remote Control Software

8D73 - ADAM Audio will show the latest addition to the A Series - the A5 Powered Monitor. Technically, the A5 is a smaller version of the A7, and can be used either in stereo or to fill out a 5.1 surround system. The manufacturer will also present the Sub7, a new compact subwoofer developed to complement the A5.

8E98 - AUDIO DEVELOPMENTS shows an AES output option available on new mixers and as well as a retrofit to existing units

7J01 - ARDIS / DDP mass audio and video storage presents their new Audio File Level Sharing vr PT & Fairlight and their Video project & file sharing 3 to 5 times faster than other similar systems

7J21 - Digidesign's booth shows Advanced Avid workflows & integrated video and Surround audio production for TV and Film

8D90 - DPA shows a new range of microphones for the musician, for a lower budget and with special mounting adaptions and a new surround microphone all-in-one set-up

8C71 - LAWO will present its complete product range, including items from the mc², zirkon and Nova ranges. Highlighted products will include the mc²90 and mc²66 consoles, along with the Zirkon on-air and Zirkon XL broadcast desks. The latest software release for the zirkon series, 2.8, brings a number of new features, including surround operation (5.1+2), direct-outs and possible use of a Nova73 as external, remote-controlled matrix when the 384 I/Os of the smaller Nova17 are insufficient.
further more 2 new products will be presented: crystal, a new small console with 4-8-12 or 16 faders and for the first time at IBC, the mc²56 a compact console in the mc² family.

1D69 - NAGRA is showing NAGRA VI, a new 6-track recorder and ARES LB, their new 2-track reporter recorder

1F34 - PRODYS will inform you about the latest software enhancements for the whole codec range and on
PCNet a new software audio codec for PC with all common compression algoritms and Prodys NAT traversal protocol
NOMADAIP the new small portable IP dual audiocodec with alternativ PSTN interface."

8E54 - ROSENDAHL will show the newest addition to their bonsaiDRIVE video and audio multitrack recorder, the bonsaiLAN option permits background file transfer between a Mac/PC and the bonsaiDRIVE.

10A31 - RTS TELEX will show their whole range with the new KP32CLD & DKP16CLD Color Display keypanels

8E86 - RTW has upgraded a number of their display measuring units to integrate loudness measurement as specified by the ITU BS.1771 guideline

10F39 - SCHOEPS shows a number of new techniques and solutions for outdoor stereo and surround microphone set-ups and the MK22 / CCM22xx a new open cardiod capsule/microphone.

Georges Lemmens (mobile +32 475 631 502) will be present. Feel free to contact them for an appointment or to introduce you to one of our manufactrurers.

Also visit for more information.