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UAD-2: Track, Mix & Master To The Next Power!


It’s official! The long awaited and highly anticipated UAD-2 is now available in stores at UA dealers. Yes that’s right! UAD-2 is no longer a myth, forum rumor or vaporware. The ultimate sonic upgrade for your DAW is here TODAY! And after all this time, we knew one wasn’t going to satisfy you – so we gave you 9 bundles to choose from, and yes they are all available!

You asked, you waited and we delivered! The coveted UAD-2 is everything you wanted and is the culmination of a multi-year hardware and software effort, delivering the absolute latest in state-of-the-art DSP technology and cross-platform multi-processor drivers for the latest Mac’s, PC’s and future OS. The revolutionary UAD-2 offers scalable DSP power via 3 different types of PCIe (PCI Express) cards (Solo, Duo or Quad), which can be mixed and matched in any combination up to 4 cards. For the most fervent of our professional power users, you can even run up to 4 UAD-1/UAD-1e/Xpander and 4 UAD-2’s in one system!

How much power can you handle? The UAD-2 Quad card supports an awe-inspiring 128 channel Neve® 88RS mixer at 44.1k. That’s a full console for the largest of professional mixes on ONE incredibly priced UAD-2 card! UAD-2 Solo offers 2.5X, the Duo 5X and the Quad 10X the power of UAD-1.Four UAD-2 Quad cards represent the equivalent of 40X UAD-1 power! Enough Wow?

V5.0 Software for UAD-1 & UAD-2: The Features You Wanted!
New L.O.D.E.™ (Load Balancing), LiveTrack™, SessionMap™, & Plug-In Bar In addition to awesome DSP power, v5.0 software adds some killer features. Exclusively for UAD-2 only (and a great reason to upgrade!) are the new low latency mode, LiveTrack.™ and L.O.D.E.™ (Live Optimizing DSP Engine), which automatically balances resources to maximize your plug-in instantiations seamlessly and invisibly as you work. SessionMap™ makes moving sessions between UAD-1 and UAD-2 a breeze, and the Plug-In Bar makes using a UAD-1 or UAD-2 way slicker with in-DAW fast access to many features! Get the scoop on all the new v5.0 features and UAD-2 versions at http://www.uaudio.com

The UAD-1->UAD-2 Crossgrade Plan: UA Love and UAD$ Rewards!
A launch as big as UAD-2 needs a big celebration! We admit, we cracked some champagne but we wanted to give a special personal “gift” back to you - our fantastic UAD customers. The UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Platform & Powered Plug-Ins is all about the synergy of powerful hardware and awesome sounding plug-ins, so we decided to offer you not one but two special extra’s… One for software and one for hardware!

Now is that cool enough? To get the details on these stellar launch promotions visit: http://www.uaudio.com

This historic announcement would not have been possible without the continued support of our loyal UAD customer base so thank you from all of us here at Universal Audio!

Click these links to see the UAD-2 video trailer :
Small version
Big version

Let the party begin! Track, Mix and Master To The Next Power!


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