Important for PT HD and blue HD interfaces users


Take advantage of the best value trade-ins from Pro Tools HD before the end of the year.

For over 4 years, Avid has offered large discounts to existing HD customers to trade-in towards a new HD Native or HDX system.
The current exchange program will end on 23rd December 2015 and be revised offering less value for legacy hardware. For customers to get the most value for the trade-in of their existing HD hardware, they should act before this date.

Important notes:
- Customers who exchange to HD Native or HDX will have the upgrade plan included automatically (saving a further 540 Euro, without VAT).
- Service and technical support for legacy “Blue” HD series interfaces ended in September this year and will end for legacy HD core systems at the end of next year. A full list of End of Support dates can be found in the Avid Knowledge Base. (please be aware that this is not about the current Avid HD interfaces or HDx/HD native systems, nor does it mean that legacy “blue” interfaces won’t work anymore with the current Pro Tools versions)
- It’s important for customers to understand we will still be offering exchanges from HD to HDX in the new year, but the value attributed to their legacy hardware is lower, in-line with the age of the product.

As always, you can count on the Amptec DAW "know-how".


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