Very Important for Pro Tools HD Customers


1. Stay Current with an Upgrade Plan - HD customers can purchase an upgrade plan before 31st December 2015 for only €540 (without TVA); giving access to the following:
- Entitlement to all Pro Tools upgrade releases for the year (remember we are scheduling more frequent feature releases with multiple updates throughout the year)
- Access to the bonus plug-in bundle for the duration of the upgrade plan.

Important notes:

- You will have until 15th February 2016 to activate these upgrade plans. All licenses bought must be activated by this date.
- From 1st January 2016, customers not on a plan will need to purchase or reinstate for a charge of €929 (without TVA) - You will save €389 (without TVA) by purchasing this year.
- After the first year, you can renew your plans annually for just €369 (without TVA) per system - as long as you renew before your plan expires. At the end of your plan, customers who choose not to renew can remain on the last software version released under their upgrade plan. If you would like to reinstate your upgrade plan at a later date you can do so for €929 (without TVA).
- It is important to understand that your perpetual Pro Tools HD license will at no point expire, although your access to the bonus plug-in bundle will require an active upgrade plan.
- You need a valid Pro Tools HD 9, 10 or 11 license for the HD upgrade plan.
- Any customer who already has a Pro Tools HD 12 license will have an active upgrade plan. Customers can check their plan expiry date at any time by logging in to their Avid account.

2. It is important to buy this upgrade plan at your local Pro Tools HD dealer Amptec (and not in your Avid account, or online at the Avid store); giving access to the following:

- Local support from the known Amptec DAW support team with more than 20 years of experience
- Amptec together with Avid will organize several training sessions for Pro Tools users, in-depth and for beginners. There will be specific training sessions e.g. for music mixing and editing as for post-production and film. These will be given by experienced users in the field and by Avid representatives. These training sessions are a part of the very popular education program Amptec started a few years ago, and will be free for all owners of an Upgrade plan bought at Amptec (and of course to buyers of a new Avid HD system at Amptec).

As always, you can count on the Amptec DAW "know-how".


Contact harald.vanherf@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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