How to build a vocal booth anywhere with Vicoustic


Recording vocals is not only about selecting the right microphone and position, good acoustics are equally important.
Here is some practical advice for building your own voicebooth in a tight space with limited budget.

Treating the back side of the microphone
A popular product to use, the so-called reflection screens, are Vicoustic‘s Flexi Screen Lite and Flexi Screen Ultra.
The primary function of a Flexi Screen is to isolate the microphone from room reflections coming from the back and sides, resulting in a clean dry vocal sound.
The outer layer of Vicoustic‘s Flexi Screens take care of scattered room reflections.

Usually cardioid microphones are used for vocal recordings since they help isolating unwanted sounds coming from the back and sides. Cardioid‘s proximity effect also offers control over the bass response by moving closer.
A Flexi Screen or any other reflection filter doesn‘t absorb reflections on the front side, where a cardioid is most sensitive.

Treating the front side of the microphone
For unwanted reflections reaching the sensitive front side of the mike, we advise to use broadband absorbers placed behind an above the voice talent.
Vicoustic‘s Cinema Round is an affordable broadband absorber with impressive specifications.
The absorbtion of this panel has almost linear performance down to 300Hz, which is perfect for vocal recording.

Vicoustic Vocal Booth Compact vocal booth package

Our vocal booth package consists of :

- 1x Vicoustic Flexi Screen Ultra
- 8x Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium panel (8 colors available)

Vicoustic Vocal Booth package deal : 485 euro excl. VAT + 1x free Vicoustic Glue Tube.

For more info about how to build a vocal booth or about this package deal, contact Niels Neven.

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