iZotope releases free 68-page mastering guide


iZotope has released the 2015 edition of its free educational guide to audio mastering, Mastering with Ozone.

Over 68 pages, Mastering with Ozone covers mastering basics, general EQ tips, dynamics, loudness maximising, stereo imaging, meters, dynamic EQ and more, with insights into the craft from mastering engineers Greg Calbi, Adam Ayan, Bob Ohlsson, Scott Hull and Marc-Dieter Einstmann.
The 2015 guide has been revised by Jonathan Wyner, iZotope’s education director and the chief mastering engineer and founder of M Works Mastering Studios, where his mastering credits include David Bowie, Cream, Nirvana and Aerosmith.

“Mastering with Ozone is part of iZotope’s initiative to give back to the audio community,” the audio technology company said in a statement. “Over the past decade, they have compiled knowledge and feedback from mastering pros into a guide that’s useful for users of all levels.

“It’s the perfect educational companion to [mastering software] Ozone 6 and Ozone 6 Advanced for users who want to learn more about the powerful polishing tools available in the latest version of iZotope’s acclaimed mastering suite. But it’s also designed to be helpful for all audio enthusiasts, whether or not they own iZotope’s creative mastering platform.”

Download Mastering with Ozone for free as a PDF at the iZotope website or on iTunes.

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