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DPA announces price increase in 2015


DPA announces price increase
DPA will implement a price regulation valid from January 1st 2015. The average increase is 3,5%

Headsets promotion: cash for trash
Trade-in any microphone, new or old, broken or working, and receive an extra 15% discount on the purchase of a new DPA headset microphone (on top of your regular discount).
This promotion applies to both the older 4066, 4088, d:fine omni and d:fine cardio headsets, as well as the new d:fine 66 and d:fine 88 models.
Need help choosing omni or cardioid, 4066 or 4088? Give us a call, or have a look at this video:
Some tips and tricks on using headsets:

2011C trade-in promotion
Upgrade your cardioid stereo mic set and get a €385,- discount when buying a new DPA 2011C stereo set. The 2011C mics are very versatile because of their linear off axis response and the high SPL they can manage. This set can not only be used as a stereo set but also for miking individual instruments.
The compact C-preamp allows discreet mounting, also in difficult places, e.g. snare drum.
The set will be a matched pair and delivered in a pelicase.

DPA Microphones 2011, 4011 & Neumann KM184 comparison on acoustic guitar, on- and off-axis

Both promotions are valid until December 31rst 2014.


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