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DPA newsletter issue 10


DPA headsets promotion: cash for trash

Trade-in any microphone, new or old, broken or working, and receive an extra 15% discount on the purchase of a new DPA headset microphone (on top of your regular discount).
This promotion applies to both the older 4066, 4088, d:fine omni and d:fine cardio headsets, as well as the new d:fine 66 and d:fine 88 models.
Need help choosing to choose omni or cardioid, 4066 or 4088? Give us a call, and have a look at this video:
Some tips and tricks on using headsets:

DPA backstage event with Girls in Hawaii


On Friday 5th December, a DPA backstage event will take place in De Kortrijkse Schouwburg. This time we visit Girls in Hawaii, opening the backdoor during their unplugged tour to have a look at their stage set up. Learn from the FOH and monitor engineers on topics like using omni miniature lavaliers inside a kick drum, what he likes about the d:faco vocal microphone, and why the d:vote clip-ons are used on almost every instrument this tour.

15.30: get in
16.00: some theory and info on the mics used
16.30: soundcheck listening
17.15: Q&A with FOH engineer
18.00: end

This workshop will take place at De Kortrijkse Schouwburg.
Friday 5th December 2014; from 14.30-17.00.

If you want to come and have a listen and look, please reply to this mail. Only 25 people can get in.

d:vote instrument microphone, clips and accessories

Our highly popular d:vote 4099 works remarkably well on a wide variety of instruments, and the wide range of exchangeable clips make it a multi-purpose solution.
A short overview of the different parts and clips:


d:vote instrument microphones can be sold separately, e.g. VO4099V for violin, VO4099D for drums, etc. There’s also a matched pair with magnet-clips for piano (VO4099P), but most popular are the d:vote touring kits.
A touring kit holds 4 or 10 microphones in a peli case, with a wide range of clips dedicated to either classical or pop-rock instruments.
Classic touring kits ( www.dpamicrophones.com/en/products.aspx)
Rock Touring kits ( www.dpamicrophones.com/en/products.aspx)

Alain Clark backstage event


On Thursday 23 October Amptec organized a backstage event in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in Den Haag
Front of house Sjoerd Terpstra explained about which DPA microphones he used for the theater tour of Alain Clark. (Alain Clark has an entire microphone set for voice, guitar, piano and choir from DPA/Amptec.)
After showing the set up on stage Sjoerd played back parts of the concert to give an idea of the results with the separate mics and of the total sound.


Contact sales@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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