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Yamaha M7CL summer promotion.

Free MBM7CL meterbridge (value 928€ !!!) for every purchase of a new M7CL32 or M7CL48! Promotion lasts until end of stock.

The Yamaha M7CL combines a very intuitive user interface (touch screen, CentraLogic interface, 1 fader per channel, etc...) with an enormous amount of processing (27 output busses, 4 SPX2000 engines, up to 16 graphic EQ's, 131 dynamics,etc...) at an unbelievable price point, and revolutionized the live sound console market.


Contact dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, david.liebens@amptec.be, frank.geerts@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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