10EaZy version 2.5


New features and improvements added for full feature Class 2 and Class 1 users in version 2.5:

- 1/1 and 1/3 octave RTA
- octave bands can be logged
- display of loudest instant octave band
- single octave band monitoring
- display if limit is exceeded
- xml support for 3rd party developers
- 10EaZy version 2.5 includes drivers for windows 8.1.
- External display with Fast, Slow and a local FAST hold option
- send two e-mails, one containing the .log file, and one containing a jpeg dump of the exit screen summarizing measurements

As always 10EaZy upgrades are free of charge to existing users - please visit www.10EaZy.com to download your copy.


Contact cedric.werckx@amptec.be, toon.dekkers@amptec.nl for more information.

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