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DPA newsletter issue 9


2011C trade-in promotion

Upgrade your cardioid stereo mic set and get a €385,- discount when buying a new DPA 2011C stereo set. The 2011C mics are very versatile because of their linear off axis response and the high SPL they can manage. This set can not only be used as a stereo set but also for miking individual instruments.
The compact C-preamp allows discreet mounting, also in difficult places, e.g. snare drum.
The set will be a matched pair and delivered in a pelicase.

Valid till 31rst December 2014.

DPA Microphones 2011, 4011 & Neumann KM184 comparison on acoustic guitar, on- and off-axis

Backstage event Alain Clark

On Thursday 23 October, a DPA backstage event will take place in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in Den Haag. This time we visit Alain Clark, who opens the backdoor during his tour to have a look at his stage. Alain Clark has an entire microphone set for voice, guitar, piano and choir from DPA/Amptec.

During the event you can exchange ideas with the technician and a DPA-specialist will explain what the severe quality demands are that every DPA microphone has to meet during the production process.

12:30: get in with coffee and tea
13:00: explanations on the FOH system
13:30: Q&A
14:00: break — even more coffee
14:15: explanations DPA microphones
15:00: miking the piano and choir
15:30: conclusion with a drink
16:00: end

If you want to come and have a listen and look, please send a mail to sales@amptec.be.

d:screet™ Heavy Duty Microphone vs...



Is it still working? YES!

How to read microphone specifications.

When you read microphone specifications, it is extremely important that you understand how to interpret them. In most cases the specifications can be measured or calculated in many different ways.

Read the entire DPA University article here.

Sound Recordist takes DPA Heavy Duty 4061 mic into river water

David Harcombe has tailored a reputation as an extreme sound recordist, working extensively with Discovery in places like Ghana and Siberia. For an upcoming project with Bear Grylls, David got curious as to the durability of DPA‘s new Heavy Duty 4061 lavalier microphone and to test it, rigged himself with one before taking this dive into a reservoir in West London.


IBC campaign

Buy a d:screet™ Heavy Duty Omni Microphone and get a foam windscreen, a fur windscreen and a miniature clip in a zip case for free!


Buy a d:screet™ 4060 Omnidirectional Microphone and get a foam windscreen, an imitation fur windscreen and miniature mic holder in a zip case for free!

Valid till October 31rst.


Contact dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl, for more info and pricing.

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