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System 6000 Integrator plug-in campaign


NEW! System 6000 Integrator Plug-In
Integrate pristine TC processing with your DAW or NLE via our new ‘System 6000 Integrator‘ plug-in. Simply save and reload the complete settings of your System 6000 as part of your project.

DAW & NLE Integration
Explore the Full Potential of Your System 6000 and Pro Tools

Total Recall
Easily Keep Your System 6000 in Sync with Your Project.

Automated Preset Control
Change System 6000 Presets with Your Editor‘s Automation Feature.

Introductory Offer
If you act fast, you can save €155 on the System 6000 Integrator plug-in.
The regular price is € 385, but until 1 September 2014, you can get it for just € 230.


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