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DPA newsletter issue 6


Summer promo: PA kits

The festival summer is coming and Amptec and DPA can offer you PA kits at very attractive prices.

Budget kit: 2990 €
3x VO 4099D
3x 2011C

Basic kit: 4350 €
4x VO4099LO (+ 4x 2,26mm cable, 4x DAD6001BC adapter, 4x drum clip, 4x sax/trumpet clip, 2x universal clip, 2x piano clip, 2x violin clip)
4x 2011C
1x d:facto II Vocal Microphone

Pro kit: 5750 €
4x VO4099LO (+ 4x 2,26mm cable, 4x DAD6001BC adapter, 4x drum clip, 4x sax/trumpet clip, 2x universal clip, 2x piano clip, 2x violin clip)
2x 4015A
2x 2011C
1x d:facto II Vocal Microphone

All these kits come in a solid case.
These are list prices; regular discounts still apply.

Valid until July 31 2014.

d:screet™ Necklace Microphone

DPA Necklace
When convenient mounting and consistent output are the primary requirements, DPA has created the d:screetTM Necklace Microphone. The mic features their legendary d:screet 4061 omnidirectional miniature capsule in a soft rubber necklace offering fast, repeatable and "do-it-yourself" mounting. Designed for mounting by non-technicians, the necklace is the perfect choice in for instance a reality show setting.

The d:screet Necklace Microphone comes in black, beige and brown and in a lengths of either 47 cm or 53 cm.

- Plug and play mounting
- Consistent output
- Minimal visual impact
- Adapts to all pro wireless systems

Kyteman backstage event

Amptec and DPA microphones are please to invite you to a Kyteman backstage event at Tivoli on Wednesday 28th May.
FOH engineer Sjoerd Terpstra will give you an insight in the use of the different microphones during the present Kyteman project; The Jam Sessions. This completely improvised show (or jam) consists of no more than 15 gestures, the personal contribution of the musicians and a lot of musical inspiration. This means that every concert is unique and every concert is being recorded.

The quality has to be very high as this will be not only be used for live gig but also for the upcoming live album. The 64 inputs mic list counts more than 32 DPA mics and that has been a considerate decision.

Come to Tivoli on May 28th and see for yourself how this works. The session starts at 14.00 and ends at 16.00. Please register by sending a mail to sales@amptec.nl mentioning Kyteman backstage event.

Amptec and DPA hosted a microphone workshop with Balthazar

Belgium rock band Balthazar recently threw open the doors of their sound check in Ancienne Belgique so that 45 audio engineers and musicians in Brussels could see how DPA microphones are used during the band‘s live shows.

This unique workshop, organized by DPA‘s Belgium distributor Amptec, was supported by Balthazar‘s Front of House engineer Filip Tanghe who took part in a question and answer session with the invited audience, during which he discussed microphone and mixing techniques.

Dany Meeuwissen, Pro Audio Sales Manager at Amptec, says: "The workshop took place at the Ancienne Belgique concert hall where the band were playing a gig later that evening. After a general introduction to DPA‘s microphone technology, the audience was able to listen to the band soundchecking and hear solo examples of the various DPA microphones that they use on stage. These include four d:facto™ Vocal Microphones, two d:dicate™ 4011C Compact Recording Microphones, which are used for overheads, and three d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones, which are used on the snare and floor tom drums."

Originally from Ghent and Kortrijk, Balthazar is a five-piece rock band that has been receiving fantastic reviews across Europe as the support act for Editors. The band is now touring in its own right and has made DPA microphones an integral part of its tour equipment.
"When it comes to vocal microphones, DPA‘s d:facto is my first choice because it has such great resistance to feedback without sacrificing any detail," says Filip Tanghe. "The sound it produces is very full and rounded, with no harshness at all. I find it incredibly musical."

Tanghe engineers approximately 130 live gigs a year for Balthazar and now uses DPA microphones all the time. When Balthazar are not touring he works with Belgian singer songwriter Hannelore Bedert, who tours with an 11-piece band consisting of horns, strings, drums, guitars, keyboards and backing vocalists.

"I use DPA microphones for Hannelore‘s live gigs as well and they certainly make those set-ups a lot easier," Tanghe says.


Contact dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl for more info and pricing.

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