Get the best of both worlds for your DAW.


Get the best of both worlds for your DAW: analog sound and high-resolution control.

An offer you can’t refuse: buy the BOX from API and get an AVID Artist Mix for free. Offer only available at Amptec.

Project Recording and Mixing Console
- 20-channel Recording/Mixing Console
- 4 Input Channels
- 16 Summing Channels
- Full Center Section Control

The ideal choice for your project studio if you record a few channels at a time but want the warmth and punch that a large-format API console delivers. Record and mix with legendary API analog mojo, in The Box!

Avid Artist Mix is an 8-fader control surface that offers greater speed and control than a mouse when mixing audio in any EUCON-enabled audio or video application. Get fast access to a variety of software functions right from the surface to adjust audio levels, plug-in parameters, panning, automation modes, and much more-with excellent visual feedback-all in a compact footprint that fits perfectly between your keyboard and screen.

By far the best summing and controlling combination for DAWs.

Only limited availability.


Contact bart.hilberink@amptec.nl, harald.vanherf@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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