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d:fine 66 and d:fine 88

For over a decade, the DPA 4066 and 4088 have been the benchmark for natural sounding headset microphones. To this day, their sound quality has been unparalleled and they remained the standard choice for live-sound, broadcast, theatre, AV, etc. after all these years.

In 2011, a new headset line-up was released with the d:fine™.
The d:fine offered easy to wear single-ear and dual-ear versions, a detachable cable and 2 choices of capsules (omni and directional) with a very neutral response and less proximity effect.

Still, fans of the 4066 (with it’s choice of soft-boost and hi-boost grids), and the 4088 (with it’s very musical proximity-effect making it ideal for singing) insisted on using their all-time favorites.

Therefore, DPA recently launched the new d:fine™ 66 and d:fine™ 88 headsets to complete the d:fine series. These products feature the classic 4066 and 4088 capsules incorporated in the mechanics from the single-ear and dual-ear d:fine‘s. All existing d:fine‘s and original 4066 and 4088 stay available as well.

d:fine touring kits

To accompany the new variants, DPA launched a campaign giving the customers an additional 10% discount on a d:fine Touring Kit containing five similar d:fine headsets chosen from the entire range.
By registering on the DPA website, the customer can save up to 265€ per Touring Kit depending on which model the customer chooses.

This discount is only valid on orders placed in the campaign period — from 14 February 2014 until 31 March 2014.


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