Chameleon Labs


Smooth to your ears, gentle to your budget.


Fresh off the boat, we present you Chameleon Labs. A manufacturer of very high quality outboard gear and tube microphones, with a little more features, a little better sound, for a lot less money.

Currently available from Amptec:

7602: Class A 70's design Mic Preamp / DI with 4-band parametric EQ
7622: 2 juicy Class A Preamps in one 19" unit
7720: a VCA buss-compressor with variable side-chain HPF, and extra 1,5:1-ratio
TS-2: Large diaphragm tube condenser microphone, with variable pattern, and variable voltage control for the tube, distortion control at your fingertips!
TS-1: Small diaphragm tube condenser, cardio/omni and compatible with AKG CK-series capsules.

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