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Check our 2011 and miniature promo.


We are offering a ‘cash for trash’ promotion on the 2011A and 2011C microphones. Just replace any old microphone (any brand, in working order or not working) and receive a 15% extra discount on the purchase of a DPA 2011 twin-diaphragm cardioid microphone.
If you wish more info on the 2011, check the product spotlight in our last DPA newsletter.

Miniature series
(4060/4061 lavaliers, 4098 hanging microphone, 4080 cardioid lavalier)
- ‘Cash for trash’: replace any old microphone for a brand-new DPA miniature, and receive 10% extra discount.
- Or buy 5 miniatures without trade-in and also receive 10% discount, or buy 10 pcs and receive 15% extra discount.

These promos are valid till December 31st 2013.

DPA d:vote touring kits

DPA released 4 different touring kits. Each kit consists of 4 or 10 d:vote clip-on instrument microphones, with a variety of clamps to suit every need. All packaged safely in a professional Peli case.

DPA VOTOUR4 Classic kit: 4x VO4099HI microphone, 4x 1,6mm cable, 4x DAD6001BC adapter, 4x violin clip, 1x guitar clip, 2x cello clip, 1x bass clip, 1x sax/trumpet clip, 1x universal clip

DPA VOTOUR4 Rock kit: 4x VO4099LO microphone, 4x 2,26mm cable, 4x DAD6001BC adapter, 4x drum clip, 4x sax/trumpet clip, 2x universal clip

DPA VOTOUR10 Classic kit: 10x VO4099HI microphone, 10x 1,6mm cable, 10x DAD6001BC adapter, 2x drum clip, 2x sax/trumpet clip, 2x universal clip, 2x piano clip, 3x cello clip, 2x bass clip, 4x guitar clip, 8x violin clip

DPA VOTOUR10 Rock kit: 10x VO4099LO microphone, 10x 2,2mm cable, 10x DAD6001BC adapter, 7x drum clip, 5x sax/trumpet clip, 4x universal clip, 2x piano clip, 2x cello clip, 1x bass clip, 2x guitar clip, 2x violin clip

The promo on the d:vote tour kits ends January 31st 2014.

From January 1st 2014, DPA products (except for the d:vote touring kits) will get a price increase of 3%. All orders placed before December 31th will be invoiced at the 2013 pricing.


Contact dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl for more info and pricing.

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