d&b audiotechnik




The last few years the renting industry has not always been a merry business. Especially big companies suffered. Renting companies with d&b seem to remain standing quite well, even though this has nothing to do with this or that manufacturer, rather with the cool-headed owner. In recent years companies rent more and more material from each other.

The idea of d&b audiotechnik of a closed system is based on the principle of combining material from different companies. Not prepared to compromise between amplifiers and loudspeakers. By putting software, an indispensable and entire part of the installation, free of charge at the disposal of users.

Ques might just be the chameleon of the audio industry. Their first d&b purchases were as a matter of fact part of one of the first Belgian sets. Events, concerts, festivals, TV shows, it happens a lot that you don’t see that Ques is involved.

There are not many things from the d&b stable Ques doesn’t have in its inventory. For example, T series. Perhaps too modest? That is format-wise, definitely not concerning its possibilities as it is a thoroughbred d&b loudspeaker: rotatable horn, constant dispersion, cardio subs, brand-tailored amplifiers and processors, intelligent rigging, training and software are included and made-to-measure,...

Perhaps we repeat ourselves. After many years, one gathers material and expertise. One learns the important things.


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