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DPA newletter issue 2


Promo deals

We are offering a ‘cash for trash’ promotion on the 2011A and 2011C microphones. Just replace any old microphone (any brand, in working order or not working) and receive a 15% extra discount on the purchase of a DPA 2011 twin-diaphragm cardioid microphone.

(more info on the 2011 in the product spotlight below)

Miniature series : (lavaliers, 4098 hanging microphone, 4080 cardioid lavalier)
- ‘Cash for trash’: replace any old microphone for a brand-new DPA miniature, and receive 10% extra discount.
- Or buy 5 miniatures without trade-in and also receive 10% discount, or buy 10 pcs and receive 15% extra discount.

These promos are valid till December 31st 2013.

From January 1st 2014, all DPA products will get a price increase of 3%. All orders placed before December 31th will be invoiced at the 2013 pricing.

Product spotlight: DPA 2011

Most people are familiar with the classic DPA small-membrane microphones. The 4006 omni and 4011 cardio are recording classics. Together with the 4015 wide-cardio, 4018 supercardio and 4017 shotgun they form the d:dicate range.

DPA is also very well known for its miniature omni capsules. These are used in the 4060 lavalier, 4066 and d:fine headsets, various instrument microphones, etc.
This little masterpiece of engineering is completely handmade in Denmark and uses almost pure gold for the membrane coating and internal shielding of the FET-preamp. They are used anywhere, from Broadway to television production and in classical recordings.
It’s an almost perfect omnidirectional microphone with a ruler flat frequency response. With some acoustic modifications, it is used in a wide variety of microphones, including the d:vote 4099 instrument clip-on microphone, the 4080 cardioid lavalier, the d:screet 4098 podium mics, etc.

The DPA 2006 and 2011 are a marriage between the small-diaphragm d:dicate range and the miniature capsules. They use the same preamp options as the rest of the d:dicate range (including active cables, goosenecks, etc.), but the capsule design is based on the miniature line.

Miniature capsules have a number of advantages over bigger capsules:
- Higher SPL handling
- Better low-end response
- Less directionality in higher frequencies, therefore a more perfect omni

Miniature capsules have one disadvantage, their self-noise level is higher than designs with bigger membranes. Therefore DPA chose to use 2 miniature omni capsules, mounted back-to-back in both the 2006 and 2011 twin-diaphragm microphones.
The 2011 uses an interference tube in order to establish a cardioid polar pattern from its 2 omnidirectional capsules.
This is a similar construction as used in shotgun microphones, but carefully tuned to get the best of both worlds: the quick transient response and huge frequency response of the miniature capsules, with the flexibility and better signal-to-noise ratio of the d:dicate range.


Accordion mic mounting tips

The d:vote 4099 quickly established itself as a very good all-round instrument clip-on microphone, being used anywhere from classical orchestras to Metallica’s drum kit.
Thanks to a variety of interchangeable holders, this microphone will fit most brass and woodwinds, strings, acoustic guitars, dobro, ukulele, banjo, bass, etc.

We got some requests on how to use microphones on an accordion.
For this we came up with a little Z-shaped adapter plate, which screws onto the top (and bottom if you want to use two microphones) of the accordion.
We created a kit of matched pairs of d:vote microphones with STC4099 holders and the accordion adapter plates in a kit.


Live mics workshop

Amptec recently organized a workshop in Antwerp. It was a successful event on live microphones and digital wireless with more than 80 participants.
One of the main focus points of this workshop was the off-axis response and phase of microphones.
We recently did some recordings from various angles with an acoustic guitar and the DPA 2011, 4011 and Neumann KM184 microphones, these can be found here

If you have suggestions on workshop topics or if you are interested in organizing a similar workshop, please contact us.

Some pictures of the workshop in Antwerp:


Contact dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl for more info and pricing.

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