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About tastes and colours


The internet is raging at full speed. You can read, hear and see how the small and big stars of the audio world tell about their preferences and favorites. Acceptance of an audio brand is and remains important in the renting industry. But whatever someone might allege about the latest loudspeaker or amplifier, acceptance especially takes the past into consideration.

d&b steadily continues developing. C series was the speaker that opened the European doors. Q series became the line array that conquered the world in a nutshell. J series did this again on a large scale; V series confirm.

Coruna from Mechelen started modestly with a clear goal. From day one, somewhere in 2008, the idea was clearly to grow. Their d&b jigsaw started with Q subs and D12. Every now and then a piece was added. It remains remarkable how you can build something durable in a time span of 5 years. We’ll be hearing from them.

Since mid-2013, Coruna is the proud owner of a d&b J set, the top of d&b’s acceptance, on all riders, on all fields: constant horizontal dispersion, cardio subs, brand-tailored amplifiers and processors, intelligent rigging, training and software are included and made-to-measure,...

Preferences and favorites are perhaps under discussion. For the audio set of Coruna, acceptance is no longer a point of discussion.


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