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Great new videos featuring the talented Yana Reznik on Classical Piano and the incredible Miles Mosley Trio on upright bass, piano and drums. All tracks recorded with only Mojave Audio and Royer Labs Microphones. Feel free to share with your clients and friends.

Yana Reznik

Recording Piano With 2 MA-300 Mojave Audio Microphones and Royer SF-24V. Recorded by Dusty Wakeman and Peter Doell at Universal Mastering West

Download Original Video Files Of Yana Reznik

Yana Reznik playing Granados Allegro de Concierto


Yana Reznik playing Rachmaninoff Etude in G minor and Prelude in B flat major

Yana Reznik playing Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu

Yana 3

Miles Mosley Trio

Microphones set-up:
Bass - Mojave Audio MA-300 and a Royer R-122V
Piano - 2 Mojave Audio MA-300, 1 Royer R-122V
Overheads - MA-300 and SF-24
Bass Drum - MA-301fet
Snare Drum - MA-101fet
Engineer: Peter Doell, Dusty Wakeman
Studio: Universal Mastering West
Musicians: Miles Mosley -- Bass, Tony Austin --Drums, Cameron Graves -- Piano

Download Original Video Files Of Miles Mosley Trio

Mojave Audio presents Miles Mosley Trio - Planetary Princess by Cameron Graves

Miles Mosely Trio song 1

Mojave Audio presents Miles Mosley Trio - Isle Of Love by Cameron Graves

Miles mosley Trio

Mojave Audio presents Miles Mosley Trio - The Comeback by Miles Mosley

Miles Mosley Trio

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