Sneak preview on IBC 2013


AVID Audio - 7.J20
Very exciting news from Avid Audio at IBC. Get a sneak peek on YouTube !
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Dan Dugan - 9.D12
Besides to the E-1 and E-3, now the recently released E-2 (Balanced Analog) Automatic Mixing Controller can be tested at the Dan Dugan booth.

DPA Microphones - 8.D76
DPA will be showing two range of podium microphones. One range will be based around the current modular d:dicate range.
Another range of podium microphones is a miniature cardioid design, with a very sleek and discrete design.
Also newly available for the d:dicate range are the active cables, which attach directly to the capsule thus eliminating a preamp module for applications where space is limited and audio quality is of the highest importance.
DPA will of course also display their industry standard headsets and miniatures, and the d:facto handheld vocal microphone.
Amptec product specialists will continuously be present on the DPA booth.

Glensound Electronics - 8.E72
Glensound continues to focus on HD Voice mobile communication with diverse products.
On the “commentary” front latest additions are the well-known GS-GC5 ISDN commentary mixer now available as USB interface GS-GC5/USB USB Commentary Mixer.

LAWO - 8.C71
Two world premieres on 8.C71 — Innovative video, audio and software solutions for increased efficiency
In a world premiere, the IBC audience in Amsterdam will witness the launch of Lawo’s RAVENNA-based commentator solution for use in world-class sports and cultural event broadcasts.
Also being presented to the public for the first time is a new member of the Lawo Video Line: the V__pro8 video processor, Lawo’s ‘Swiss Army Knife’ solution for broadcast video processing, is to be joined by a one-box-solution for video contribution over IP.
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Merging - 8.E96
No other audio workstation comes close to this many options for high and extreme resolution recordings and the sheer number of new features justifies the “Recording Redefined” tag.
Iris : Iris is a scalable work surface, based around a 24” touch screen interface, along with a range of I/O solutions using the Horus Networked Audio Interface, which provides mastering-grade analogue componentry.
Horus : Horus contains ultra-high quality microphone pre-amplifiers, AES/EBU and MADI conversion in both directions with full remote control of all the parameters. This highly scalable solution has applications right across the industry from the simplest location recording and mastering to major broadcast facilities, OB vans, live sound and large installation projects.

Ovation 4.1
This Live Media Server and Sequencer also benefits from using RAVENNA IP technology to connect to Horus. Ovation has been a particular hit with major broadcast organisations in North America and Europe.
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Prodys - 1.B30
IBC will be an excellent opportunity to discover the latest developments in audio and video compression and transmission from Prodys:
Quantum : A powerful portable IP audio codec with and in-built audio mixer that goes several steps ahead of the Nomada family.
Solidstream : A transmission protocol that allows the user to stream the same audio onto two different IP networks.
Opus : A totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec.
New enhancements in the Prontonet codec family: 4G and back-up audio file

RTW - 8.D92
Visit the RTW booth to get updated on their novelties.

Schoeps - 8.E90
Have a look at the product release on the Schoeps stand on September 13th

Yamaha - 8.D10
Nuage, Yamaha hardware and seamlessly integrated Steinberg software, can be visited on the Yamaha stand. Contact Harald Vanherf for an appointment.

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