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Electra dual mono rack now available


Kush Audio is delighted to announce that the much anticipated Electra dual mono rack Equalizer now is available.

At the heart of the Electra are the 2 Proportional-Q bands which overlap widely and cover the spectrum from 30Hz sub-bass to 5.4kHz presence. These carefully tuned filters are musically adaptive, meaning they are wide and gentle with small boosts or cuts, and the more the operator cranks the gain the narrower they get... but only at the top of the bell. The bottom of the bell stays wide, which allows for radical boosts that sound at once natural and incredibly tight and focused. Used subtractively, they can mildly scoop or laser out troublesome zones; used additively, they create a punch like nothing else around.

Moving up top is a third band which is modeled after the mastering high shelves of yore; it is diametrically opposed the Clariphonic in that it is a very steeply sloped filter that is designed to grab only what you specify and nothing more, allowing an extremely fine degree of control over the very top of the sound. It is fully sweepable, an unusual quality for an analog high shelf, and starts down low at 3.8kHz where it can add bite to the sleepiest of sounds, or it can be swung all the way to the top of the audible range at 20kHz where it will add the most delicate tinge of electric sparkle to the edges of the source. And everywhere in between there is every shade of gloss imaginable. As a bonus, the steepness of the Q allows it to double as a killer low pass filter that can tame the brittlest of top ends.

Dropping down low is a simple, fixed-frequency low shelf that was carefully dialed by ear to do one job: bring the low end into balance by either adding a meaty, weighty thickness to thin sounds, or by clearing out the tubbiness on sounds recorded with less than optimal mic placement, or synth/sampled sources that are overly hyped and can‘t be mixed adequately without muddying up the entire sound field. This low shelf‘s one-knob, fixed frequency design makes it effortless to operate.

The 5th band is a very special, fully sweepable high pass filter that goes all the way down, 20Hz, and can swing up to 400Hz. On the one hand it‘s simply an unobtrusive 12dB/octave filter that shaves off everything below the cutoff without making things sound hacked or anemic; on the other hand, it has a magical little resonant ‘bump‘ at the corner frequency which gives the cutoff point a touch of added punch, allowing the operator to add definition to a murky low end or add tightly defined punch to a sluggish, ill-defined bottom.

Pass all of the above thru a DC-coupled, Class A signal path and the result is a force to be reckoned with.


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