Amptec video solutions - All under one hood


Extending our video horizon continuously, Amptec can now offer a wide range in video solutions

Avid Technology Avid Technology - The ultimate editing tool, shared storage and management framework

Axle Axle - Radically simple and affordable Media Management software

Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Design - Global product line & solutions @ realistic pricing

broadcastmanufactur BroaMan - THE customizing interface company

CentralParQ CentralParQ - The perfect solution for a TV professional

dynamicdrivepool DDP - High flexibile, performant & long lasting shared storage solutions

Decimator Design Decimator Design - THE ultimate converter solutions

JVC JVC - Professional Video Content creation and presentation

Lawo Lawo - V8..says it all...check it out

Marquis Broadcast Marquis Broadcast - THE only Avid Project organizing solution

Object Matrix Object Matrix - Secure nearline archive

Prodys Prodys - THE codec manufacturer...check it out

Studio Technologies Studio Technologies - Ready To Go multi interfaces solutions, long lasting equipment & high experienced manufacturer

Professional Service
- High experienced employees
- Professional knowledge

Realistic prices

- Support service (year-based contracts, dedicated mailbox) Always someone to help...


Whether you are a small video company or you are working for a large broadcast company, you can count on the “know-how”, from pre-sales up to support, you’re used of Amptec.

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