Meet the Brainstorm range.


Meet the intelligent solutions for recording and post-production from Brainstorm

DCD-8 Master Clock Distripalyzer
A most versatile solution for all your clocking needs: WC Generator, WC Distributor, Analyzer, Audio Router/Format Converter, Video Sync Generator

VSG-4 Video Sync Generator for the DCD-8
A low-jitter HD/SD Sync Generator combines the latest high-resolution video standards with the DCD-8 high precision digital audio clocks

CX-4 Word Clock Expander for the DCD-8
This option card provides an additional 4 Word Clock outputs to the Brainstorm DCD-8 for a total of 12. Includes the same termination status display.

DCD-12 Word Clock Distributor
Easy to configure yet versatile and powerful, it is a complete WC distribution solution, genlocked to a number of different references.

SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer
Combines a Reader, a Distributor, a Reshaper, an Analyzer and a Generator. Identifies problems instantly (format, phase, errors), and fixes them.

SR-28 Time Code Reshaper / Distributor
Cleans up time code and distributes it to multiple destinations through 8 individually buffered outputs. Ideal for long cable runs. Either of the 2 inputs can be selected.

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