Amptec now exclusive distributor of Merging


We are very proud to announce that Amptec recently became exclusive BeLux distributor for Merging, Swiss precision audio company for very well-known products such as:

- Horus
The next generation Audio interface. Redundant PSU, 2x MADI I/O, 24x AES I/O, 6x 8-channel slots for analog I/O. Using Ravenna technology, Horus brings to the table the possibility to interconnect your entire facility and DAW’s using nothing more than a standard RJ45 connector. Sampling rates up to 384kHz, touch screen or remote control.

- MXFix
Your MXF Cleanup Tool
Allows automatic EBU R-128 loudness measurement and correction, unpacking and packing of MXF files, reports, batchprocessing, with or without Junger Level Magic processing, Dolby E encoding / decoding, etc.

- Pyramix
Pyramix is the pro audio industry‘s most advanced digital audio workstation for classical (DSD-) recording, mastering, ADR, etc. It offers unsurpassed sonic quality and a level of flexibility proven by its suitability and acceptance in post-production, multi-channel live music recording, broadcast radio and CD/DSD music mastering. Available in Native or MassCore configurations.

- VCube
VCube is an advanced video player/recorder, with support for all popular codecs and file formats. VCube comes both as a basic software-only package, up to turnkey HD-2K systems.

- Ovation
Media Server & Sequencer
Combining the unequalled power of MassCore DSP, virtually limitless I/O and bussing, Full VST support and complete integration with the award winning Pyramix Virtual Studio editing system, Ovation provides a robust new platform for use in any live or fixed event
For applications ranging from theatre audio playout, live events, fixed installations, hotels, cruise ships, theatres, museums and exhibitions, corporate AV, television and radio production to name but a few, Ovation Media Sequencer and Controller is the ultimate choice when performance and quality is a necessity.

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