Pelonis Acoustics and Heritage Audio now available



Chris Pelonis has been designing studios for decades, and we are proud to present his Model 42 system. 2 Coaxial 4” speakers in an asymmetrical enclosure, paired with a processor/ amplifier which allows tweaking via the USB port. The result is an exceptional stereo image and accurate frequency response with a minimum size, making this the ideal alternative reference set.
For bass extension an 8” 200W subwoofer perfectly complements the Model 42’s.

Heritage Audio

Heritage audio produces handmade in the EU preamps, EQ’s and compressors, exactly like the early ‘70s 80-series modules, historically correct. Both 8-slot and 2-slot frames are available.
Available modules include the 1073 Pre-EQ, 2264E Compressor, 8173 Pre-Eq, etc.
Also available is a 1073/500 preamp / 3-band EQ which will fit in an API 500-series frame or lunchbox.

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