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Amptec is pleased to announce that following TC electronic products are available at highly reduced prices permanently:

Reverb 4000 -
M3000 -
Finalizer 96K -
FireWorX -

The new Live Aid license

This license is available for System 6000mkII users, and included in both DB4 and DB8.

With the Live Aid license, two pristine loudness processing algorithms and a host of new presets become available in your System 6000 MKII. Developed for broadcasters covering no compromise live events such as the London Olympics, one System 6000 MKII is now all it takes to upgrade an entire studio or OB truck with low latency, high resolution loudness processing for multiple platforms; at the same time metering adhering to American, European or Japanese standards on all outputs.

Live Aid includes two powerful algorithms, ALC6 and DMix, as well as a host of presets targeted to the loudness and true-peak requirements of most of the world.

System 6000 mkI owners who upgrade to system 6000 mkII can choose Live Aid as their free of charge extra license.


As you know well by now, program Loudness and how to handle it, is the main audio issue for all broadcasters these years.

Therefore we have decided to award our loyal customers, by providing the latest top notch technology and at the same time preserving their earlier investment in TC Electronic products 100%.

Here is how the trade-in program works:

If you buy a DB4 or DB8 in any configuration, from the entry model DB4-AES Sub-D, to the top model DB8-Dual SDI, you can return your DBMAX, P2 or DB2 at full refund, regardless of age. One to one.

Contact for more info and pricing.

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