Universal Audio


Introducing Apollo


Available now, Universal Audio Apollo® is the first professional, high-resolution computer audio interface with real-time UAD DSP-processing on-board.

This FireWire 800 / Thunderbolt™- ready interface combines genuine UA analog design with class-leading sound quality and features like digitally controlled analog monitor outputs, for low-level listening without decreasing bit-depth, and hi-end AD/DA-converters with under 2ms latency from AD to DA (including 4 UAD2 inserts per input channel!).

Well-known onboard realtime UAD Plug-In Processing - giving music producers classic analog tones from Neve, Studer, Manley, Lexicon and more, available for both low-latency tracking and mixing.

Windows 7 support and Thunderbolt I/O option card coming Summer 2012. This option will also provide a gateway for external fire wire devices to be connected to a thunderbolt-only computer (ie. Macbook Air).

- 4 High end mic inputs (2 with Hi-Z JFET DI inputs)
- 4 line inputs
- 8 line outputs
- Separate monitor outputs with digitally controlled analog level control, which preserves full bit-depth monitoring, regardless of output level
- 8 channels ADAT I/O, up to 96 kHz
- 2 headphone outputs
- SPDIF in/out
- 32- and 64-bit device drivers
- Front-panel control for use without a computer connected
- Console Application for direct monitoring with or without latency-free UAD processing
- Less than 2ms delay AD to DA including UAD processing

Now available!


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