The new SX62R available at special price.


Now enjoy a special price for the SX62R, the portable 6 channels high quality Analogue Mixing console with a true stereo mix bus and an advanced Monitoring & Communication system combined with an integrated 8 Tracks Digital Recorder on SSD Drive and CompactFlash card.


- Transformer-less balanced Mic/Line input with HQ, Low Noise mic preamp
- Pre LF-Cut to protect the microphone pre-amplifier from wind noise and sweep LF Cut
- 48V Phantom, phase reversal, PFL and Limiter on each input
- Channel linking for stereo pair, M/S Pair or multichannel system
- Direct channel output analogue (standard) digital (optional)
- Configurable routing and assignment of channels onto the mix-bus and to the digital recorder
- Two independent Monitoring system with Private Line for communication

- Recording capabilities of up to 8 tracks on SSD Drive and either 2 tracks or full mirroring on CF Card at all sampling frequencies from 44,1 to 192kHz at 24bits
- Uncompressed PCM WAV file format with full implementation of BWF and iXML metadata; either mono, stereo or polyphonic files
- Editable metadata pre or post recording
- Time Code input and output supporting all format with pull up/pull down
- WordClock I/O and Video sync capabilities
- USB 2.0 connection for file transfer (mass storage class)

Valid till December 31rst 2011.

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