Trade in your old mixer / controller


C|24 Hardware Exchange Program

Digidesign is giving current Control|24 customers and owners of third-party control surfaces and analog/digital mixers the opportunity to move up to the new C|24 at great savings. Customers can exchange their Control|24 op to a new C|24 and save 3.520 off of the list price, or exchange a third-party control surface or mixer up to a new C|24 and save 2.640 off list.

The folowing products are eligible for the C|24 Exchange Program :

JLCooper MCS-3800, Mackie HUI, Radical Technologies SAC-2K, Steinberg Houston, Tascam SX-1, Yamaha 01V, 01V96, 02R, 02R96, DM1000, Mackie Digital 8 Bus, Panasonic/Ramsa WR-DA7, Roland VM-C7100, Roland VM-C7200, Spirit/Soundcraft 328, Tascam DM-24, Soundcraft 8 Bus, Spirit 8 Bus, Mackie 8 Bus Analog, ...


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