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Double Up - DB4 MKII & DB8 MKII

DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII ensure that you always conform to EBU, ATSC and ITU Loudness and True-peak level standards across all platforms and all formats. You also get the broadcast world's highest resolution, lowest latency and lowest distortion with DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII.

More Metering
The MKII versions feature EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 compliant new LM6 Loudness Meters, new SNMP functions and you can always 'go back in time', reviewing one full week of detailed logging, even without connection to a computer. In DB4 MKII, the LM6 meter is always available in addition to its two multichannel audio processors.

More Redundancy
With several thousand units operating constantly all over the world, there is plenty of proof that the original DB4 and DB8 processors rarely fail. On the other hand, live broadcasting always calls for the ultimate level of 'operational safety', so we made sure that DB4 MKII & DB8 MKII will never be without power. You simply get the same power supply as with the original units, but two of them. Also, you get double up on fuses, mains inlets and even on the Swiss-made Papst fans. If one of the power supplies should fail, the other will take over instantly, and you could even feed the power supplies from independent power sources.

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