Save Big When You Trade up to ICON


Save Big from 15% up to 30% When You Trade up to ICON

Customers can save big on Avid ICON D-Command ES and D-Control ES consoles when they trade in their existing, old analog or digital consoles. For Pro Tools users, this is a great opportunity and value for them to make the move to an ICON console. Trade-in discounts range from 15%- 20% on D-Command consoles and from 24-30% on D-Control consoles, depending on the value of their trade-in units.

Consoles like e.g.
Any Behringer Console with 16 or more faders
Mackie Consoles
Sony DMX-R100
Yamaha mixers with 16 or more faders

This promo is also valid for ProControl owners!

Offer expires on September 16th.


Contact harald.vanherf@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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