10EaZy package deal


100 dB(A) LAeq, 60min it is, get prepared!

Amptec’s promo offer to get you started includes the following:

10EaZy SW
- The usb dongle version of the 10EaZy measurement system
- Unique and widely accepted 10EaZy user interface
- Measurement results are logged to JPEG file for easy reference
- Remote monitoring of the measurements via WebViewer
- JPEG log file shipped with e-mail after each measurement

Professional Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator
- Class 2 approval
- 94dB Sound Pressure Level Output
- Suitable for use with ½” and ¼” microphone capsules
- Automatic power switch off with user override giving longer battery life
- Robust case with ergonomic design

Sound Level 94dB re 20µPa ±0.4dB
Standardisation IEC 60942:2003 Class 2
Cavity Diameter 1/2 inch
Type Approval PTB Type Approval PTB-1.16-4028829

Windows XP or 7 PC, measurement microphone and audio interface not included in this offer.
Contact sales@amptec.be for promo prices.

This offer is valid till July 31st.


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