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Ultimate Video Toolbox Decimator Design at Amptec


Decimator Design products, known worldwide for their quality and reliability, make it an easy choice for any engineer or media professional.

Key features of Mini Convertors:
- up/down convert, scale, split, quad split, distribute, de-embed
- up to 26 video formats in some model
- USB control Panel Set-up
- GPI option included in some model
- Scale : Decimator 2 now features new professional motion adaptive de-interlacing and scaling on the HDMI output.
- Audio metering : Professional audio metering and many other features come to the Decimator 2 and MD-Quad with latest firmware update.
- Graticule : Graticule generator with centre-cross and adjustable safe action and safe title areas on the Decimator 2

We have the following units in demo :
- MD-QUAD (3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Split miniature (3G/HD/SD)-SD with 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI outputs)
- the ultimate MD-DUCC (Multi Definition up down cross converter) (coming soon)

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